Meet The Team: Jamie Woodgate

I've been in hospitality over 12 years now, so have made my fair share of coffee. This has ranged from Costa (shhhhh..), Restaurants, Pubs & now Smith St. Im enjoying learning more detailed knowledge about coffee & appreciate the quality & attention to detail of Trev & Tash's Products. When I'm not at work, I can be found out in the Peaks, working on DIY projects or cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Coffee Choice - Something dark, full bodied, Smooth & rich.

Preferred Method - At home, I enjoy using a Mocha Pot or a Vietnamese plain filter & did try to make a fluffy (Dalgona) coffee during lockdown with varying success.

Travelling around South East Asia in 2014 I found Vietnamese coffee (strong french roasted coffee, through a plain filter on to condensed milk) & egg coffee, basically custard & coffee. Ive got a sweet tooth, so these went down well.