Meet The Team: Tasha Wymer

Smith Street Coffee Shop Owner.

From working in education in my past life to a complete career change into running cafes, coffee has always been necessary! When I began to manage The Holt cafe back in 2016 I was instantly inspired by the exciting world of specialty coffee thanks to Smith Street Roastery. I was blown away by the wonderful smells, flavours, colours, origins, brewing methods and people involved. Cappuccino no longer was my always go to fueler! My new appreciation and experience of a great quality coffee meant I didn’t need to continue to mask my coffee with excess milk and chocolate. Instead my preference became to drink coffee black to enable me to fully soak up the true and complex flavours of lighter roasted signal origin coffees from small plantations all over the tropics.

I now love to indulge in the slower, more considered processes of brewing coffee. Taking time out of my morning for the calming ritual of making a V60 or Aeropress are a must to starting my day!

I have been lucky enough to enjoy coffee in New Zealand, New York, Ethiopia and Kenya on some of my travels and still very much look forward to heading to Central America to visit coffee plantations there in the not so distant future!

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