Meet The Team: Trev Neville

I first got into coffee when my brother & me owned a Tapas Bar in Sheffield. We had just bought a second hand espresso machine & I was hooked from day one.

The UK coffee scene was much different then with very little speciality coffee available & no speciality coffee shops in Sheffield at the time. I bought a 250g air roaster got some green beans & had a go at roasting with terrible results. My Brother had been to Melbourne AUS & had discovered the fantastic coffee scene there, so we decided to have a real go at emulating what they were doing in Oz. The tapas bar was sold & we invested in a state of art Giesen coffee roaster I then went on a journey understanding everything I could about coffee growing, processing, roasting & brewing which has taken my around the world & I've met some fascinating people along the way, I'm still on this journey today as the industry continues to develop. The speciality coffee scene has grown in the UK now & it's great to be a part of it.

I love nothing more that having a well made cup of Joe with family & friends....