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Quick Brew Guide: Cafetière /French Press

  • Make sure your brewing equipment is cleaned before each use, old coffee on your brewing equipment makes everything taste bad.

  • Follow a brew recipe, weight & time are important for brewing consistently good coffee

  • investing in a good grinder really improves your coffee brewing process: 

    • It will be fresher

    • You have more control over the brew

    • You can adjust for different beans


  • 30g ground coffee – Ground course

  • 500ml filtered water

  • Pour hot water on your coffee and let it sit for 4min. Then after 4 mins have passed take two tablespoons and stir the coffee. The coffee crust that has formed on the top will start to fall to the bottom. Using the two tablespoons just scoop out whatever is left on the top and put it in the bin.

  • For best results, let it brew for a further 5 min so the coffee cools slightly whilst the remaining coffee sediment settles on the bottom. Put in your plunger, but only press it halfway. Be gentle when pouring as you don’t want to stir up the grounds that have sunk to the bottom. This will give you a much cleaner tasting coffee without any grounds floating around your cup.


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