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Quick Brew Guide: V60 / Pour Over

  • Make sure your brewing equipment is cleaned before each use, old coffee on your brewing equipment makes everything taste bad.

  • Follow a brew recipe, weight & time are important for brewing consistently good coffee

  • investing in a good grinder really improves your coffee brewing process: 

    • It will be fresher

    • You have more control over the brew

    • You can adjust for different beans


  • 22G of ground coffee

  • 380ML of filtered water.

  • Rinse your filter with hot water. This will get rid of papery flavour and will pre-heat your brewing gear. Discard the water before brewing.

  • Add your ground coffee.

  • Pre – infuse coffee before brewing by pouring 68ml of water over the coffee grounds, then give it a stir and l

eave it 45s. Then add more water until you reach 220ml, give it a swirl and then add the rest of the water. Brewing should take approximately 3- 3 1/2 mins.


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