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Set Up A Coffee Cupping At Home

Coffee cupping is a method coffee pro's use to taste & assess a number of coffee's quickly & effectively side by side to check for quality, growing & processing defects & personal preference of taste.

Its super easy to set up at home & have a go, I've attached a link to a nice guide for the method of coffee cupping by Perfect Daily Grind.

When tasting coffees like this keep tasting as they cool down some flavours only hit you 10 mins after brewing.

Ive attached a flavour tasting wheel, its a difficult job associating flavours from one product & saying it tastes of something else, don't get to hung up if your not getting all the flavour notes concentrate on what flavours you do get & have fun with it.

Our Tasting Flights make a great way of having a go at Coffee Cupping.

Any comments are welcome & let us know how you get on & if you can get the flavours we do from our coffees.


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