Sourcing & Roasting

Updated: Mar 8

We thought it might be nice to share how we source & roast our coffees:


January is a busy time picking new coffees for the winter & early spring, we only select coffees from the current season crop. Green coffee ages & after around 9 months in our opinion it is moving past its best, we like to get it super fresh 1 or 2 months old or better still straight of the ship! Also we only select coffees from the speciality coffee markets. Speciality coffee is grown, processed & roasted to elevate & accentuate its flavours.

Most days at the moment we start with a 7am cupping of either a fresh batch of coffees we’re looking at offering as a new single origin or a component for one of our blends. We work with a core range of importers who we’ve built up a good relationship with & also at times source directly from origin. We’re always keen to seek out new origins & suppliers & have 3 new coffees coming soon from new relationships we have build over the last few weeks. Our offering is a mixture of flavour profiles to suit all tastes & brew styles. Currently we’ve been developing a new range & have cupped some jaw dropping coffees from Colombia & Panama which we will be releasing over the coming weeks, this leads us on to our roasting style.


The flavours that we found on the cupping table & enjoyed, we want to carry forwards & aim to roast to highlight these flavours. We keep things light for most singles & medium or light for our blend components which allows the provenance & complexity of the coffee to stand out. In a nutshell the darker you roast the coffee the more the sugars caramelise until you reach a point where they become carbon & in our opinion carbon ain't a great tasting note!

Going forwards we intend to link in the importers, farmers & processes that have been involved in the coffees we sell giving you the opportunity to learn more about where the coffees is from & how it was produced.