Co-Op: Bwishaza Washing Station

Farm: Small Holders

Country: Rwanda

Region: Rutsiro

Altitude: 1600-2000

SCA: 87

Roast: Light

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed & 12 Hours Wet Fermented


The first thing that strikes you is how the Golden Raisen & Orange notes interchange & play across your taste buds as one; with a sweet pleasant chocolaty mouth feel & vibrant lively acidity, a classy coffee.


Golden Raisen Orange Chocolate



  • Omwani Coffee

    The Bwishaza Washing Station is a larger co-operative made up of 500 members with the majority being small holder farmers with plots ranging from 1600 to 2000 meters above sea level. Farmers process coffee using the same traditional washed method as is common across most washing stations in Rwanda. During the harvest, coffee is delivered by farmers daily and the cherry is processed in the evenings.

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