Massive in your face hits of Coconut with Mango bound together on a cloud of Vanilla. The clarity of flavour is spectacular; which pairs exquisitely together to create a tropical pina colada type experience, mind blowingly good I can’t recommend this coffee highly enough!



This micro lot is 100% Caturron. This varietal is a rare mutation of Caturra found for the first time in Acevedo, Huila Colombia. In 2016 Cofinet (the Co-Op importers of this coffee) and growers including Luis Calderon identified the exotic cup profile of ths varietal.




After a stricted ripeness harvesting process Luis Calderon used a unique 56 hour aerobic fermentation & special parabolic drying process to tone down the acidity & enhance the core flavours.




Farm: Finca Villa Betulia Lead

Farmer: Luis Anibal Calderon

Soil: Fertile and rich in organic matters

Country: Colombia

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Altitude: 1700-2000 masi

Roast: Light

Varieties: Caturron

Process: Special Fermentation and Drying





Coffees that push the boundaries of flavour and innovation. Next level experimental processing, crazy new hybrid varieties and game changing botany. Nothing gets us more excited, these coffees will change your life. 


  • Here's what  Cofinet the imports of this coffee had to say about it

    This coffee is produced by one of our star producers, Don Luis Anibal Calderon at Finca Villa Betuulia.  This Coffee is harvested following a strict ripeness criteria, exposed to an aerobic fermentation of 56 hours inside grain pro bags before being pulped. Afterwards its washed & dried in parabolic dryers to reduce the moisture content. 

    This microlot is 100% Caturron. This varietal is a rare mutation of Caturra found for the first time in Acevedo, Huila. Growers started planting Caturron due to its resistance to leaf rust & high yield. 

    In 2016 Cofinet with the help of some growers from the region identified the exotic cup profile of this varietal.

    Luis Anibal Calderon has been growning coffee for over 20 years but only sold his first speciality lot in 2013.  He was one of the first growers in Colombia to procduce Gesha, Planting 5000 Gesha trees in 2012 when very few knew about this variety in Colombia. These days he grows 26 different varieties including Pink Bourbon, Wush Wush, Tabi, Striped Bourbon, Maragogype, Java, Yellow Bourbon, Laurinha, Typica, Papayo & more.   

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