Farm:     Guara Azul

Country: Honduras

Process: Washed

SCA: 86

Altitude: 1650 masi

Roast: Light

Varieties: Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon  Process: Washed                                      


Well balanced bright acidity with notes of Red Berrys, Citrus & Stone fruits



  • The green coffee for this Microlot is carefully selected by hand and harvested on high-altitude farms with a range of complex microclimates; the result is a complex cup with bright acidity typical of citrus fruits, a robust and consistent body, and a pleasant aftertaste. The producers selected by the finca use a different culture protocol and innovative procedures, such as prolonged fermentation: coffee beans are in fact left inside fermentation tanks with their mucillagini for up to 160 hours. The total processing time will depend on the temperature, the amount of grains, sugar and the frequency with which the coffee is moved, helping with the use of a pH-meter to avoid excessive fermentation.

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