Farm: Small Holders

Area: Foothills of Mount Kenya

Country: Kenyan

SCA: 85

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800 masi

Roast: Filter

Varieties: SL28, SL34


Classic Kenyan Molasses & Blackcurrant flavours with softer notes of Jasmine & Lemongrass.


  • This Kenya Honeybush AB is grown in the high altitudes of the Kenyan highlands in the foothills of Mount Kenya. The region's temperate climate, rich volcanic soil & seasonal rains lends itself perfectly to specialty coffee growing. 
    This lot is grown by a number of smallholder farms. This coffee is a mix of the classic Kenyan varietals SL-34 & SL-28 which combine to produce a wonderfully well rounded coffee.

    This is a beautifully crisp, bright coffee with a rich deep body. The classic molasses & blackcurrant character is there in abundance, with softer notes of jasmine & lemongrass.

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