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Blended at origin! We love a coffee that challenges the norm. Take a bow Blanca Melgar, Reynaldo Pineda & the good folk at Aruco Mill for this flavour forward action packed fun blend.  Enjoy a boozy rum & raisin head rush with a mellow grapefruit & pomegranate acidity on the finish. We roast this coffee a couple of degrees fuller, on the top end of our light roast profile which we found dialled up the boozy rum & raisin notes to max.



LAS CHACAS - Ending Soon

  • Mill: Aruco Mill

    Farms: Blanca Rosa Melgar / Reynaldo Antonio Pineda

    SCA: 84

    Country: Honduras 

    Region: Corquin, Copan

    Altitude:  1350 masl

    Roast: Light

    Varieties: Lempira & IHCAFE90

    Process: 72hr Macerated Natural