Farm: Small Holders

Lead Farmer: Tizita Bizuneh

Farm Fact: All Woman Growers & Processing

Soil: Fertile & rich in organic matters

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Altitude: 1750 masi

Roast: Light

Varieties: Hairloom

Process: Washed


Funk Delicious is a selection of coffees that explore the spectrum of fruit flavours that can be found in coffee.


Apricot, Lime , Caramel


  • We buy this coffee from Kamba Coffee Importers who work closely with the growers & processes of this wonderful coffee this is what they have to say about it:

    When Israel Degfa was visiting our old office space in Harrow last year, he was speaking to my colleague Emma and mentioned in passing that his wife, Tizita, was operating a washing station of her own as an empowerment project in Sidamo. At the time this coffee wasn’t being sold as a specific lot. Instead, it was exported and losing its traceability information – so although it will have been exported before, it would not have been done so as a traceable coffee.

    This year, Kamba requested samples from Tizita and consequently imported 160 bags to support her initiative – our largest purchase from Ethiopia from the 2020 harvest. We were are stoked at the consistency and cup quality and are committed to continuing to support Tizita in the coming years to help grow and improve the impact of the project.


    Kerchanshe, our partner in Ethiopia, export this coffee on behalf of Tizita and run a wide reaching community support project across all of their washing stations and farms. This includes educational support for children in the community, private healthcare and coffee and quality workshops. This project also includes a registration program for farmers: all of them have membership numbers to keep a record of improvements and relationships.

    For the Women’s Washed Sidamo specifically, Tizita takes control of the coffee and quality workshops and also speaks about female empowerment opportunities in the community. There are 12 permanent washing station workers at Bulesa ensuring the smooth operation of the facility all year round, with up to 70 additional workers once the coffee is harvested. All of the managers of this site are women. The coffee itself is grown at approximately 1750masl from ~ 400 local smallholders majority women.

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