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  • Do you include a roast date on your coffee bags?
    Yes we do its above the Best Before date next to the Weight on the small white label
  • Do you supply brew recipes for your coffees?
    We avoid giving out brew recipes for individual coffees on any given brew method because each brewing 'system' i.e water, temp, grinder, brew equipment etc will be different enough for the recipe to be largely meaningless when trying to compare our brewing system to yours. However we do offer general Best Practice Brew Guides for a number of the popular systems & these are a great place to start when tweaking to find the coffees sweet spot.
  • Should I rest the coffee before brewing?
    Yes as we roast daily to order the coffee is very fresh, we recommend resting coffee for at least a week. The roast date is on the small white label above the Best Before date & next to the Weight. If you can't wait a week a nice hack we've found that works is to grind your coffee & let it stand 20mins this accelerates the resting process & your coffee can be brewed & enjoyed straight away, however the best practice proven method is to rest coffee over a week.
  • How should I store my coffee?
    We recommend storing in a cool, dark place away from heat, a kitchen cupboard or pantry works fine. Try to minimise exposure to air and moisture, so avoid the fridge. Coffee can be stored in the freezer in a sealed container indefinitely & ground straight from the freezer without defrosting.
  • I want my coffee in time for Christmas what can I do?
    We're roasting & shipping 5 days a week Mon - Fri up to & including the 29th of December. However the seasonal spikes in parcel deliveries will mean Royal Mail & all courier services will be under pressure to achieve delivery aims. We would suggests selecting 'Track24' over 'Track48' as your delivery option because during busy times we have found priority is given to that service by Royal Mail. Our in house 'Local Drop' service shouldn't be affected on the lead up to Christmas.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship to the UK & Europe
  • How long will it take to get my coffee?
    We roast, post & deliver coffee 5 days a week. Our aim is to have all orders roasted & shipped the next working day Monday - Friday. The shipping method you select will determine the length of time it takes for your coffee to arrive. More detail can be found about estimated delivery times on the shipping page.
  • Can I buy your coffees from the coffee shop?
    Yes all our coffees & brew gear is stocked at the coffee shop.
  • Where is your coffee shop?
    Its located at the Roastery the address is: Smith Street Coffee Roasters The Hide 30 Scotland Street Sheffield S3 7BS
  • When is your coffee shop / roastery open?
    We're open Monday - Friday 8am-2.30pm
  • I selected 'Click & Collect' as my delivery method when will my coffee be ready for collection?
    Please wait until you receive your 'Ready For Collection' email (check your junk) before coming for your coffee. The Roastery/Coffee Shop is open Monday - Friday 8am - 2.30pm. There's a good chance if you come before its ready we won't have enough stock available to do it for you. We're aiming to get all orders processed my close of play on Thursday the 30th of November, if you've not received your 'Ready for Collection' email by then please get in touch & we'll look into it for you.
  • Can I use a discount coupon for the BF & CM sale?
    No we've disabled all our discount coupons including the refer a friend coupon from our rewards program until after the sale.
  • When will I get my BF CM coffee I've order?
    Our team are working all weekend. Roasting, bagging, shipping & dropping off coffee. We're aiming to have all local drops done by Thursday the 30th & everything with Royal Mail daily for UK shipping as we work through the orders . Royal Mail will also be under pressure, please be patient at this busy time of the year. Royal Mail normally prioritise 'Tracked 24' over 'Track 48' at busy times, if you need your coffee as fast as possible select the 'Tracked 24' service or 'Special Delivery Next Day Guaranteed by 1pm'.
  • Can I come to your coffee shop / roastery to get the BF CM sale?
    No unfortunately not, the offer is online only. We roast everything to order & are working round the clock to fulfil the orders & don't have the stock available to offer it in store as well.
  • Can I spend my reward points on BF CM sale items?
    Yes you can site members rewards should work as normal.
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