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Origin: Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Tasting Notes: Malt, Caramel & Chocolate Cheesecake


This single estate drinking chocolate has been hand crafted in Sheffield from bean to bar by Bullion Craft Chocolate.


Available in both a 44% Milk or a 70% Dark Cocoa

Bullion Ecuadorian Hot Chocolate

  • Bullion was founded in 2016 by an idea to uphold the true value of cacao through food, drink and experiences.

    We represent someone who cares about the quality put into what they consume and the impact a brand has on the environment. Someone who appreciates the art of craft and loves the idea of discovery through taste. Someone who believes giving it their best deserves rewarding by breaking a bar of the good stuff.As a company, we’ve set out to discover the “gold” in cacao. Meaning the distinct and complexed nuances that can be found in beans from a single location. For this reason, we launch a series of limited release single-origin bars throughout the year; in order to explore these nuances and retain the quality cacao demands.Made from bean-to-bar, we’re one of only a handful to use craft, small-batch techniques in order to bring the best out of the cacao. We hope our attention to detail and care is reflected in the finished chocolate... 


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