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Down load & print at home a GIFT CERTIFICATE for our 'Professional Barista Course 3 Day'. 


Please record your order number on the Gift Cert.


This unique course has been developed to give you the skills & valuable real world experience to be a professional barista. Maximum of 3 people per Course.


Day 1

We cover every aspect of espresso based drink making including coffee bean selection, espresso machine cleaning, making espresso shots, brew recipes, milk steaming & drink preparation. We cover the key stages in detail & spend a lot of time practising making coffee drinks & steaming milk.


Day 2 & 3

What's really unique about this course is you now get to spend 2 shifts working alongside one of our time served expert baristas in our own coffee shop, which gives you a real understanding of what a professional Barista's role is, how to deal with customers, operate a POS systems, manage workflow, prioritise tasks,work under pressure & ultimately confidence in the skills you've learned in day 1. At the end of the course you will have gained a understanding of the best practice methods for brewing espresso based drinks & how these are applied in a real world environment.


Who Is This Course For?

A new barista looking at developing their barista skills. Someone wanting to work as a professional barista but doesn't have the skill set & work experience or if your looking to set up a business that serves espresso based drinks to the public such as a coffee shop, cafe, deli or bar.


Please take the time to read our courses 'Frequently Asked Questions' section at the bottom of the courses page.


Gift certs are valid for 18 months from date of purchase. 

GIFT CERT 1 PERSON Professional Barista 3 Day Course

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