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Down load & print at home a GIFT CERTIFICATE for our 'Professional Barista Course 1 Day'. 


Please record your order number on the Gift Cert.


This course has been developed to give you the skills to be a professional barista. Maximum of 3 people per Course.


We cover every aspect of espresso based drink making including coffee bean selection, espresso machine cleaning, making espresso shots, brew recipes, milk steaming & drink preparation.


We cover the key stages in detail & spend a lot of time practising making coffee drinks & steaming milk.


 At the end of the course you will have gained a understanding of the best practice methods for brewing espresso based drinks.


Who Is This Course For?

A new barista looking at developing their barista skills. Someone wanting to work as a professional barista but doesn't have the skill set & if your looking to set up a business that serves espresso based drinks to the public such as a coffee shop, cafe, deli or bar. 


This Course is also great for the home coffee drinker who has a espresso machine & wants to understand how to get the most from it.

GIFT CERT 1 PERSON Professional Barista Course 1 Day

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