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Coffee Resting Time

We often get asked about how long to rest our coffee for. The simple answer is it depends & its not always that important if you ask us...

What we mean by this is after tasting thousands of coffees, from fresh out of the roaster, to a number of years old, I can honestly say that I've had coffee that tastes good that's 'old' & coffee that taste great straight from the roaster... so where does this leave us on a recommendation, firstly i would say that the optimum is around 1 week upto about 3 months & that's largely based on what I've tasted over the years & sort of where the industry is at. However I would like to add, don't get to hung up on resting time it is very specific to each bean, brew & storage method & in my opinion a bit of a red herring in enjoying great coffee. Have a play, try freshly roasted, try 6 month old coffee (if you can wait that long) try grinding & leaving a day, try freezing it etc. The one thing i can tell you is todays accepted 'Standards' will change tomorrow & it does all the time!!

Enjoy your coffee & happy brewing people



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