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Quick Brew Guide: Espresso

  • Make sure your brewing equipment is cleaned before each use, old coffee on your brewing equip

ment makes

everything taste bad.

  • Follow a brew recipe, weight & time are important for brewing consistently good coffee

  • investing in a good grinder really improves your coffee brewing process: 

    • It will be fresher

    • You have more control over the brew

    • You can adjust for different brews

  1. Prepare by ensuring you have clean equipment. If you haven’t already, flush your group head to remove old coffee grounds and wipe clean your basket.

  2. Next, measure the coffee you are adding to the basket either by spoon or scales and evenly distribute the grounds inside your machines portafilter (alternatively known as basket).

  3. Ensure you tamp firmly and flat so that the coffee flows evenly (this really effects flavour).

  4. Aim for a 1:2 or 50% brew ratio and use weighing scales for best results. For example, 18grams of coffee in the basket and 36grams in the cup is the perfect espresso recipe.

  5. Serve quickly and enjoy!


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